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Detailed 500-1,000 word press release outlining your company’s new product release, upcoming event, or other news. Includes keyword optimization, image selection, link formatting, and company bio. Ready to upload to distribution sites.

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A well-written press release can make a huge difference for your business. It puts your news front and center alongside that of the biggest companies online, helping you to not only be competitive in the space, but to generate more interest and build a bigger audience, both in search engines and from industry publications.

Writeric will work with you to identify the core pieces of your press release. We’ll outline the most important pieces of information that need to be included, interview members of your team and partner companies for quotes related to your news, and ensure it is highly optimized and polished for maximum reach when published.

Upon completion, we can help to get your press release into the hands of as many people as possible, working with our press contacts to improve distribution.


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