About Writeric

About Writeric

Writeric was founded by Anthony Chatfield after more than a decade working in content development and digital marketing.

From day one, it became clear that getting quality content online was a crapshoot at best. Shady bits, overseas companies, ridiculous contracts, missed deadlines – you know the drill.

But if there’s one thing you need online, it’s good content, so there’s no choice but to persevere and weed out the good from the…not so good. That’s how Writeric was born.

Whether recommending a pro we’ve worked with in the past or managing complex projects with intense content needs, we’ve developed a sixth sense (and a very extensive screening process) for who can cut it and who can’t when it comes to good content for digital marketing.

That’s what you get with Writeric. Pulling from the very top of the top, we’re building a marketplace of the world’s best digital content writers to save time for companies like yours. Stop digging and start publishing.

About Anthony Chatfield

Anthony studied creative writing and film at the University of Washington, eager to get a job in the publishing industry. At the time, digital marketing was still developing, Facebook was only two years old, and Twitter was being tested.

For three years, from 2006 to 2009, Anthony worked as a freelance copywriter and marketer for entrepreneurs, startups, and marketers as the owner of Seattle Freelance. Without realizing it, he was building the framework for digital marketing campaigns on dozens of websites. The next step was to start my own agency. In 2009, he started Great Leap Studios in New York City, a small content marketing agency focused on local service providers.

Taking that to the next level, he joined ThomasNet RPM in 2013 as Director of Strategy, spending two years with the ThomasNet team, helping to grow the agency business from 15 clients to more than 70.

In 2015, Anthony moved to Pittsburgh and starting LeadConnect Marketing. Today we work directly with business owners, marketing teams, and agencies around the globe to support their marketing communications needs, building strategies and helping to execute them for positive results.